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    June 15- Bag-O-Beetz
    June 16- DJ Shado
    June 22- Magik Spells
    June 23- Bush Party
    June 28- The Resignators
    June 29- The Carbons with She Hangs Brightly
    June 30- DJ Invizible with Bridge Hill Gang
    July 1- Canada Day w/Devon Coyote Trio
    July 6- DJ Invizible
    July 7- Bush Party
    July 13- Bag-O-Beetz
    July 14- Magik Spells
    July 19- Daring Greatly
    July 20- Bush Party
    July 21- Lucky Monkey w/ Hired Guns
    July 27-28- COG TBA
    July 29- DJ Invizible closing out COG
    Aug 3- Devon Coyote Trio
    Aug 4- The Steadies
    Aug 5- Ninjaspy
    Aug 10- Bush Party
    Aug 11- Lucky Monkey
    Aug 17- DJ Invizible With Bridge Hill Gang
    Aug 18– Redeye Empire
    Aug 24- Bush Party
    Aug 25- Magik Spells
    Aug 31- Bag-O-Beetz
    Sept 1- Devon Coyote
    Sept 2- The Bonsais
    Sept 7- The Carbons and Ancient Engines
    Sept 14- Val Kilmer and the New Coke
    Sept 15- Bag-o-Beetz
    Sept 21- Shut Up Patrick
    Sept 28- The Peelers (Tenative)


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  • Leanne wrote on October 14, 2017 at 4:22 // Reply

    My favorite night is when Dj invizible spins. He is awesome! Wish he was there every Saturday!

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