Get your 2020 calendar filled with images from local photographer Shane Collins.

    Featuring BC bands that performed at Doc’s such as The Wild, Lucky Monkey, The Corps, Cancer Bats, Heart and Hustle, Little Destroyer, Sharptooth and more.

    Available for purchase at Doc’s – $20



    Mar 13- DJ Shado
    Mar 14- Mr M
    Mar 15- The Peelers “Warm up to St Patricks Party”
    Mar 20- Krucial K
    Mar 21- Jenny and The dicks
    Mar 26- The Brains with Gallows Bound
    Mar 27- Bush Party
    Mar 28- Woodhawk
    April 3- Open Air
    April 4 -DJ Invizible
    April 5- Belvedere with Blacked Out
    April 10- Dan Moxon and Apollo Suns
    April 11- Bloom with Early Work
    April 17- DJ Invizible
    April 18- The Hillties
    April 24- Pharm with Tidal Baby
    April 25- Bush Party
    May 1- Ancient Engines
    May 3- Dave Smalley and The Bandeleros
    May 8- Jodie B
    May 9- Bridge Hill w/ DJ Invizible
    May 15- Little Destroyer
    May 16- Fudunkafunk
    May 22- DJ Invizible
    May 23- The Resignators
    May 29- The Creepshow w/ The Anti-Queens
    May 30- Bush Party
    June 5- Invertigo
    June 6- Devon Coyote
    June12- The Corps with Downway
    June 13- Fudunkafunk
    June 19- Where we Wander w/ Psycherelics
    June 20- Bush Party
    June 26- DJ Shado
    June 27- The Feels
    July 3- Bridge Hill w/ DJ Invizible
    July 4- Mr. M
    July 9- The Corps
    July 17- The Feels
    July 18- Fudunkafunk
    July 24- The Carbons
    July 25- Bush Party
    July 31- Ancient Engines
    Aug 1- Little Destroyer w/ DJ Invizible
    Aug 2- Shockload
    Aug 7- Krucial K
    Aug 8- Devon Coyote
    Aug 14- Mr. M
    Aug15- Fudunkafunk
    Aug 22- Bush Party
    Aug 28- Bridge Hill w/DJ Invizible
    Aug 29- Ancient Engines
    Sept 4- Mr. M
    Sept 5- Fudunkafunk


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