June 11- Wild Son
    June 14- The Flatliners
    June 17- DJ Invizible
    June 18- The Saint James
    June 24- Green Jelly with Sugar Coated Killers
    June 25- Floyd Meets Brown
    June 26- Industry party with DJ Invizible
    June 30- The Greatest Sons and Shockload
    July 1- Canada Day with Devon
    July 2- Yes we Mystic
    July 3- The Slates with Garret Kahn
    Jul8- July 10- COG
    July 14- Red Eye Empire
    July 15- The Statistics and City Light Virgil
    July 16- Wild Son
    July 22- DJ Invizible
    July 23- The Bonsais with Mouthful of Daisy
    July 24- Sunday- Penske File
    July 29- Frig Off
    July 30- Deep Sounds
    July 31- Industry party with DJ Invizible
    August 4- Devon coyote, Hired Guns, The Bonsais
    August 5 -Tallest To Shortest
    August 6- I am Machi
    August 7- Sparrows w/ Hired Guns
    August 12- Kytami
    August 13- The Bonsais with Portrait of Leaders
    August 19- Cobra Ramone
    August 20- Funkforce
    August 27- The Fangles farewell Show
    August 28- Industry with DJ Invizible
    September 2- Kytami with Birds of Bellwood
    September 3- Wild Son
    September 4- Devon Coyote
    September 16- The Vidos
    September 23- This Old Ghost town w/ Tiger Moon
    September 27- The Brains
    October 1- Rob Moir
    October 7- Paul Filek


    The Bonsais with Devon Coyote perform at Doc’s on June 10.


    See Repartee live at Doc’s on June 2.

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Telephone // 250. 868. 8288

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